How Reservations Work

(effective Sunday, August 30, 2020, updated Thursday May 20 2021)


  1. SESSIONS (also called “Facilities”): This is the type of swim time you are reserving. There’s General Swim, Lap Lanes, and Tennis sessions.
  2. SPOTS: This is the number that determines the capacity limit of each session. Basically, this is how many people can be at the pool during a session.

So when you see “each person in your family can claim one spot at at a time,” that means ONE SPOT = ONE PERSON.

Some Questions

    1. Can I make a reservation for one person and have another family member use it? We can’t allow that because we need to know exactly who is at the pool as part of county compliance rules. You can manage your reservation and change it so the correct person is listed.
    2. Can I drop my child off at the pool or do I have to be there at all times? Particularly because this season has such strict safety guidelines, we’re asking parents to ensure children are supervised by an adult or responsible 14+ sibling. We do not want the guards acting as the rules police for your children.
    3. How do I edit or cancel my reservation? Visit the manage your reservations page. There, you can remove people or cancel the reservation entirely.
    4. Does the calendar or website work better on specific browsers or platforms? Yes. Avoid Internet Explorer/Edge. The calendar works best on Chrome or MacOS and some functionality is missing when viewed on Microsoft’s browsers. The website is designed for desktop or mobile use. However, if you are using an iPad, you may have to orient your device horizontally to see the site’s main menu bar.

How To Make A Pool Reservation

  1. Make sure you are logged into this website! Each family has a single login and password associated with their account. The username is linked to the person who is the primary member. You won’t be able to see the reservation calendar otherwise.
  2. Go to the Reservation Calendar. (Did you log into the site?)
  3. From the drop-down list, select the type of Facility you are interested in reserving.
  4. Click on the time you wish to reserve.
  5. Select each person who will be coming to the pool.
  6. Every family member counts as a spot.
  7. Confirm your booking.
  8. To cancel your reservation, go to your Manage Reservations page under your account settings.

How To Check In At The Pool

  1. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines and safety requirements before you come to the pool.
  2. Remember, no guests are allowed. Your current guest passes will still be good for future seasons.
  3. Arrive at the pool no earlier than 10 minutes before your reserved time. You will be required to wait until the previous session has cleared and the pool has been cleaned.
  4. Check in at the guard desk. Only those patrons with a reservation will be allowed to enter. You may be required to update your pool account photo and/or produce a photo ID to verify your identification. You can upload a current photo to your account before coming to the pool.
  5. To mitigate congestion at the front entrance, we’ve created specific zones for families and individuals/couples. Once admitted to the pool, you will be asked to set up in one of these designated areas.
    • Families will be asked to occupy an available table space along the north and east side of the pool.
    • Individuals and couples should socially distance themselves in the south-side grassy area and deck.
  6. While in the pool area, please observe traffic-flow directions and all other guidelines.
  7. At the end of your reserved time, please promptly leave the pool area by the back gate.