Board of Directors


(Term expires on Labor Day of the year shown in parentheses.)

Rita Ballesteros (2024)
Andrew Collard (2024)
Frank Cristinzio
Kate Elliott (2024)
Iain Gold (2024)
Jim Hermes (2023)
Mynor Herrera
Marci Klugman (2023)
Marge Martin (2024)
Jaime McKenna (2023)
Amanda Mendizabel (2023)
Patrick Moffitt (2024)
Sheryl Raskin (2024)
Joel Rubin (2024)
Avra Siegel

Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is elected by the new Board of Directors at the first meeting of the Board following the annual Membership Meeting on or around Labor Day.

President Jim Hermes
 Vice President Marge Martin
 Treasurer Joel Rubin
Secretary Jaime McKenna