Student Service Learning (SSL) Activity Hours

Just need the form? Here it is: Form 560-51

SSL Hours are a Maryland State High School graduation requirement and Montgomery County Public School students may begin earning SSL Hours after completing Grade 5 through middle and high school.

Who can get SSL Hours? Any pool student may accrue SSL hours for certain volunteer work done at Rock Creek Pool (RCP).

What can you do to get SSL hours? You can volunteer for most any event at RCP – just ask the team rep or coaches if your work might be considered for SSL hours. Check the list at the right for specific jobs that need to be done and examples of ways you can earn your SSL hours at the pool.

When do you have to do the work? Any work done this summer is eligible.

Where are the forms? The SSL Activity Verification Forms (Form 560-51) are located at the guard desk in a folder labeled SSL FORMS, or print one and bring it with you!

Why would I want to volunteer at the pool? Because you love your pool and want to be part of making it great. You also want to be able to graduate, no?

How do I get my SSL Hours approved?
Make sure the team reps or coaches know you are volunteering and can verify the hours you worked. The Organization is pre-filled in with “Mont County Swim League.” Please enter the following information:

  • Federal Employer Identification # 52-1175369
  • Phone 240-670-7988
  • Address 8619 Grubb Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910
  • email

Take the completed form to school in August. Remember, documentation of all service performed during the summer is due to your school’s SSL Coordinator by the end of September.

For more information, visit the Montgomery County Public Schools SSL program page on their website. Have fun and volunteer!

For pool events like 4th of July and Fiesta Night, SSL hours will be given for:

  • Set-up and clean-up
  • Cooking
  • Food line work
  • Ticket work
  • Running fun kids activities

For the swim team, SSL hours will be given for:

  • Runner – time sheets & DQ cards to automation
  • B Meet Timers (limited to over 15-years old)
  • Assistants to Clerk of Course – escorting 10 & unders
  • Concessions (food service)
  • Ribbons

For the dive team, SSL hours will be given for:

  • Set-up and clean-up
  • Concessions
  • Filling out dive sheets