Offered Equity Member Season Dues

Equity Membership entitles you to voting rights, to run for the Board, and to pay lower annual dues than Summer Swim accounts. You may accept this offer only if you still live within the pool boundaries. In addition, you must verify that all members listed on your account are dependent immediate family members who reside in your household.

Please understand that if you fail to respond to this offer or decline an Equity Membership, your name will be removed from the waitlist, your account is closed, and results in the loss of your swim privileges in this and future seasons. Remaining on the waitlist with Summer Swim privileges is not an option.

Dues are $695 for Equity Members. If you are not using the pool this summer, Equity Members may elect a season waiver for $100 (but only twice during the lifetime of the membership in non-consecutive years) by making the request to Exceptions may be made with approval from the Board for circumstances like military deployment.