Memorial Day at RCP

Memorial Day is a full-day event this year … We have the annual BBQ Cookout, the Swim and Dive meetings and we’re thrilled to have honky-tonk rocker Valentine Slim closing out the day on the Pavilion Stage. Here’s what you need to know:

Logistics …

  1. It’s going to be crowded. Plan ahead with your neighbors and consider carpooling.
  2. Similarly, you may find it tough to find a chair or table as the day gets going. Think about inviting friends (or even new friends) to share your table and, in general, be mindful of space. We all want to enjoy the beautiful day.
  3. As usual, adult swim happens every 45 minutes on the hour. This time is meant for kids to catch a breather and not over-extend themselves. This is not an invitation for older kids to hit the baby pool. (And similarly, diapered youngsters should stick to the baby pool)!

The BBQ Cookout …

  1. The annual BBQ cookout runs generally from 11 AM – 2 PM. Volunteers will set up the food serving area starting around 10 AM. When you hear the announcement, come over to the grill area to receive a coupon for one complimentary lunch.
  2. Your coupon gives you either one hamburger or two hot dogs, and one bag of chips and one drink. There’s a lot of food but it isn’t limitless. Please encourage all members of your family to stick to the rules so we can feed as many folks as possible.
  3. If you have dietary preferences or restrictions, there are veggie burgers and turkey burgers available. Let the volunteers know and they can put one on the grill for you!
  4. The cookout starts to wrap up around 1:30 PM. If you are in the grill area at that time, you may be asked to help clean up, so thank you in advance!

Live music with Valentine Slim …

  1. Valentine Slim performs on the “Pavilion Stage” (the table tennis area near the diving well) from 4 PM – 7 PM. The band plays rockabilly, country and surf gems.
  2. The stage area and the Pavilion is reserved for this event beginning around 3 PM.
  3. For this event, we charge $5 (CASH ONLY) for a “bottomless” cup for beer or wine.

Swim & Dive Meetings …

  1. For those FINS swim and/or dive team families, go to the grill area at 4 PM for the introductory meetings with the team reps and coaches.
  2. The swim team will talk first, from 4 PM – 4:30 PM. Brush up on the swim 101 and FAQ before today’s meeting. The first practice is Tuesday, May 28 at 5 PM., and will include a mandatory swim test for all 8-under swimmers who did not compete in meets last summer.
  3. The dive team will talk from 4:30 PM – 5 PM. Want a sneak peak? Come to the diving well around 3 PM to meet Assistant Coach Emma Gold, learn about the dive team, and have a popsicle!

How does all this happen? …

If you are enjoying the activities at the pool, or your child is a member of the swim and dive teams, take a moment to thank those members who are volunteering their time.

The swim and dive teams enjoy a fun and well-organized season because the team reps are committing their Spring and Summer to making it happen.

And our many social events rely on members helping the Social Committee (itself a rag-tag group of volunteers). Today’s crew works hard to prepare and serve your lunch. Please remember that when you are in line.

Finally, in addition to giving a “thank you,” keep an eye out for future volunteer opportunities. We can sure use your help!