Important Safety ALERT: Heart Rate Monitors

IMPORTANT SAFETY ALERT:  Swimmers with heart rate monitors or other electronic medical devices should NOT use the pool until further notice

I was informed that a pool patron with a heart monitoring device (model listed below) was contacted by the service that monitors their device after seeing three “episodes” on one day. Those times appear to correspond with when this individual was swimming at the pool. It was the first time this individual has been in the pool this summer.

The device representative suggested it may be a grounding issue with pool lights and cautioned this individual to not swim in the pool until we have it tested.

Out of an abundance of caution all individuals with heart monitoring devices or any type of medical device that may be impacted by electrical current or any other peripheral factors related to the swimming pool and/or the swimming pool water and/or surrounding swimming pool areas should not swim until further notice.

While this is the first case we have been made aware of this year we are going to have the electrical and bonding tested ASAP. We have spoken with our pool contractor and operator about appropriate next steps. We will keep you informed about the results of the testing.

Lastly, we have not done anything to the pool since we opened. If anyone has experienced similar reports from heart monitoring devices please contact me ASAP.

Thank you,

Iain Gold
President, Rock Creek Pool