WE NEED YOU! Sign up with Social 2018

As you know, our pool is run by a completely volunteer board, and all of the fun activities we like to do at the pool require even more volunteers. We are about to kick off another great season at the pool and WE NEED YOU! The social committee has been working to keep our activities fresh and fun, and your ideas and suggestions are also always welcome!

And remember, if you sign up as a volunteer to host a social event, you will win these AMAZING prizes!

  • Reserved table at the event you host–your choice!
  • Reserved parking spot in the upper lot the whole day of the event
  • Recognition and R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • The feeling of making everyone who attends your event HAPPY!

In case you’re not sure what’s involved if you volunteer, here’s what it’s like to host a happy hour at the pool:

  1. You go buy food and drinks
  2. You roll up to your RESERVED parking spot the day of the event
  3. You set your family up at your RESERVED table
  4. You set up the event table(s) with your food and drinks
  5. You make your fellow pool members HAPPY while having fun yourself!
  6. You submit your receipts for a QUICK reimbursement

See, it’s easy!

Sign up — we would love to have all of the host slots filled by May 19th, so sign up early.

Thank you in advance!