Modernization Update (5/21/18): Opening Day: Aiming for Monday — PLEASE READ

The Board met yesterday and we wanted to provide you an update on the pool construction and timing for opening the pool.

Schedule this week. Rock Creek Pool will not open as hoped for this Friday. A Monday (Memorial Day) opening (and possibly Sunday) is more realistic. Generally, the work is very close to completion and we are talking a delay of a matter of days.

The work will have a series of inspections this week, beginning today with the building inspection and continuing tomorrow with WSSC and health department occupancy inspections. We anticipate we will have issues to complete, addressing those this week, and having a re-inspection. The health department already agreed to return later this week to re-inspect.  We will be setting up tables, chairs and lounges Friday and Saturday, including assembling and positioning new furniture for the covered structure and around the grounds. The Board is meeting again Thursday to assess our status.


We therefore plan for an opening on Sunday or Monday. We believe this is realistic, but be aware if any issues are outstanding at the end of the week and we do not receive approval to operate at the end of the week, it is possible that we would postpone opening until sometime next week, which would include delaying the start of swim and dive team practices.

A note about the new sod. Please also note that new sod has been laid around the pool; a section between the front entrance and diving well goes in today, and that area will be cordoned off until the end of school to allow the grass to establish. (We also plan to address lawn issues in the fall as needed.)

A great deal of work has gone into this effort, the contractor (Elite Pools) are working a lot of hours to complete this project for us with additional requirements as we have progressed (including the two walls you will see upon entering) and we are excited to share the renovated pool and grounds with all of you. It looks great. The “guts” of the pool are in good shape. The wading pool will be a very popular spot for all and the new fencing around it is a big improvement. We’ve taken the opportunity to improve conditions in the bathrooms.

We appreciate your patiences as we finish up the work. We will have more to share. Stay tuned.

And see you, hopefully soon, on deck!