State of Rock Creek Pool

To all Equity Members, Senior, and Waitlist-Summer Swimmers at Rock Creek Pool,

I hope this letter finds you safe, healthy, and managing as best as you can during these unprecedented times. AND . . . here’s hoping that the summer of 2021 will be much different than last year. While last summer was a challenge and a different pool experience than we all were used to, the Board, our pool operator, and the staff rose to the challenge to enable the membership to provide an escape and to safely enjoy use of the pool.

As we plan for this summer, we are taking a conservative approach and are planning that, at least initially, the county and state governments will put in place similar restrictions on pools, including capacity limits and mask and social distancing requirements. We are hopeful that the COVID-19 vaccines will enable us to have a more traditional pool experience at some point during the summer but the availability of vaccines to the general adult population doesn’t appear likely for the beginning of our season. Therefore, at least initially based on the data we have now, we will open in a manner more along the lines of how we operated last year (reservations required, no guests, etc.) but will make adjustments based on guidance and restrictions mandated by the county or state.

In addition to sharing other updates, this letter serves as the annual dues notice and below you will find information about payment timing, the process for selling your membership, and our waiver policy.  Please read carefully and make a note of important due dates.

Given the pandemic and likely operating restrictions, the Board voted to keep 2021 dues at the same rate as last season. We have not yet made a final decision on offering Waitlist-August Swim privileges this year. As you know, we could NOT offer Waitlist-August Swim last year given the restrictions on capacity – and won’t know if we can this year until a bit later in the summer. If we can offer Waitlist-August Swim, the dues will be $275.

● Equity Member $595     ● Senior Swim $200     ● Waitlist-Summer Swim $725

This is the time of year when we need to hear from Equity Members who wish to sell their memberships. If your family has not been using the pool in recent years, please consider selling your membership to make space for families on our extensive waitlist. Please contact by April 10 to sell your membership and to receive a refund of your $1,150 equity share.

We offer Senior Swim privileges to Equity Members who are age 65 years or older with at least 20 years of Equity Membership. Senior Swim privileges are limited to the Account Holder and their spouse/partner. Your pool experience will be unchanged. There are currently only a few spots available so if you are interested in Senior Swim privileges, please notify by April 10.

Registration and Payment Deadlines
In an effort to better manage and predict our income stream and to help families on the waitlist plan their summers, the Board has approved an earlier registration cycle. We plan to open registration on March 15 for Equity Members and Seniors, with payment due by April 15, 2021. When those 400 slots are filled we will open registration to those at the top of the waitlist for Summer Swim.

 Account Type Registration Opens Registration Deadline Late Fees Assessed
Equity Members & Seniors March 15 April 15 April 16
Waitlist-Summer Swim March 31 April 30 May 1

All payments must be made online via your pool account. This is a great time to update your account information, including names, contact information, birth dates, and photographs for immediate family members who reside in your household (please remove children who have “left the nest”). During the pandemic, it is especially important that we have accurate information and an emergency contact who is not an account member in our records. Please take the time to do this when you register.

Immediate family members who live with you in your home are included in your dues. All other individuals (caregivers, au pairs, cousins, exchange students, extended houseguests, and children who have “left the nest”—except for college students who may remain on your account) must pay a fee of $50 per person for the season.

Season Waivers
Equity Members may defer their swim privileges/payment for two non-consecutive summers during the course of their membership in the Corporation for $100 per year to be inactive for the season. If the Member is required to be out of the area for an extended period of time, a written request may be made to the Board for an exception.

Families with Waitlist-Summer Swim privileges may waive season dues twice while on the waitlist. (In contrast to Equity Members, families with Waitlist-Summer Swim privileges may waive in consecutive summers, if necessary.) In order to align the waiver policy for families with Waitlist-Summer Swim privileges with that for Equity Members, the waiver fee will be $100 per season.

For both Equity Members and families with Waitlist-Summer Swim, the limit of two summers, maximum, includes any waiver or deferral taken prior to summer 2021. (Waitlist-Summer Swim waivers will not count against the two-season limit for Equity Members.)

Below are updates on other key pool items.

RCP Board
At the October 2020 Annual Meeting, the Equity Members selected eight members for new two-year terms. Those eight are: Andrew Collard, Kate Elliott, Iain Gold, Marge Martin, Bryan McCann, Patrick Moffitt, Sheryl Raskin, and Joel Rubin. They join the other seven who have one year remaining on their terms (see website). Consistent with our bylaws the new Board selects the officers at its first meeting; the following Board members were elected for the following officer positions:

● President-Iain Gold  ● Vice President-Marge Martin  ● Treasurer-Joel Rubin  ● Secretary-Jane Ward

Rock Creek Pool is excited that ProsToYou is continuing as our tennis provider for the upcoming 2021 season! We have a strong tennis base already and ProsToYou is looking forward to offering more programs to continue to build the tennis community! ProsToYou offers Spring and Summer programs for all ages and skill levels, including the ever-popular Summer weekday morning program. We are currently considering the range of programs ProsToYou would like to offer for the summer and will update you when it is finalized.

Swim and Dive Teams
As with many sports organizations during the pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty about whether either Montgomery County Swim League or the Montgomery County Diving League will be able to hold their seasons this year. You can find league updates on and The Board will also work with our swim and dive representatives to explore practice options in a team setting for our returning and future Rock Creek Fins.

RCP is run by volunteers and we depend on all of YOU to help each year in a variety of ways. Please plan to support your community pool by volunteering your time and expertise. Stay tuned for opportunities to pitch in.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all continue to navigate through operating the pool during a pandemic. As always, your comments are appreciated – you can reach me at We look forward to another safe and fun season at Rock Creek Pool.


Iain Gold, President

Download a PDF version of this letter.