Hey Rock Creek Pool Families!!! The Pool is Opening Sunday, May 27 at Noon!

It’s been a wild past few days but as a result of some above and beyond efforts by our contractor Elite Pools and their water supplier CL Pitcher, who worked through Friday night/Saturday morning to fill the pool, we will be able to open at noon on Sunday, May 27.

We aren’t quite ready to host a BBQ for Memorial Day, but our Social Team will host a Happy Hour on Monday around 4-6pm.

With that said, we do you need your patience and understanding with the state of the modernization. The improvements you will notice are:

  1. the additional two lanes;
  2. the expanded wading area (complete with steps across the entire entry);
  3. the new baby pool and baby pool area with nice fencing and new furniture;
  4. the new covered structure with new furniture;
  5. the new drains that replace the dreaded pebbles; and
  6. the outdoor food prep area with plenty of counter space and a sink.

There are some projects that are not yet complete or ready for wear and tear.

  1. Main Seating Area. First and foremost our main seating area had new sod installed last Monday. We need to give the sod time to take root to withstand the heavy use through the summer. We have that area, and the other areas, that were recently sodded marked with caution tape – please respect that signage and stay off those areas (use this as an opportunity to explore other areas of the pool grounds). Since we aren’t using that area will have lots of chairs and tables stacked on other parts of the property – please be patient as we use all available space for storage. We will monitor this area closely and will open it up as soon as we can.
  2. Women’s Restroom. We had to deconstruct part of the women’s restroom to get plumbing to the outdoor food preparation area. The tile work is going to be completed by Tuesday of this week. That area is blocked off with caution tape so please respect the signage.
  3. Men’s Restroom. We were required to bring the men’s room up to code and as a result there is a new toilet area, with new tile, counters and sinks. That work is 95 percent complete but we need to adjust some doors, finish grout, hang mirrors etc. That work is going to be completed by Tuesday of later this week.
  4. Tables and Chairs. We have a number of tables and chairs that we need to get replaced or fix. With the addition of the new furniture (mainly in the baby pool and under the pavilion) we are trying to assess the best path forward with style and material (wood or composite for tables and our traditional metal vinyl strap chairs). You’ll see some of the bits and pieces in various areas on the property but please be patient as we work through what to do.

One major item in the category of “still to come” is a deck off the pavilion. Our original design had a small deck off the creek-side end of the pavilion. After input from a member (also an architect who was helping with some other parts of our project) it was suggested to expand the deck to cover not just the back area off the pavilion toward the creek but also the main pool pump house. This design will capture space we didn’t previously use and will be about 1,000 sq ft! We have a design and are waiting for permits which we hope to get next week. If we obtain the permits next week we will move forward with it this summer but if the permits are delayed it will be built in the fall.

Lastly, we have a single consolidated running list of “punch list items” that need to be fixed or touched up. We will work the contractor in the coming weeks to address as many of those items as we can. We’ll have a suggestion list available for you to submit things you notice – please don’t pass along suggestions to individual board members as they are trying to enjoy the pool as well.

Hope you get to enjoy some time at the pool this Memorial Day Weekend.